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Our Operations

Docotton Group's Ginning Factories Established through Own Engineering: The Intersection of Sustainability and Innovation The agricultural sector contributes significantly to economic growth and employment worldwide. Operating in this sector, Docotton Group combines sustainability and innovation in the crucial stage of cotton production called ginning. The ginning factories established by Docotton Group through their own engineering in Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Sudan, and Tajikistan represent a new era in the agricultural industry. Docotton Group focuses on sustainability principles during the establishment of ginning factories. These factories utilize modern and efficient technologies to minimize environmental impacts and preserve natural resources. Elements such as water-saving systems, energy efficiency, and waste management help reduce the factories' environmental footprint. Docotton Group's eco-friendly practices not only benefit their own facilities but also protect the agricultural fields in the region. Docotton Group's ginning factories established through their own engineering serve as an example of the intersection of sustainability and innovation in the agricultural sector. These factories minimize environmental impacts, ensure efficiency through innovative technologies, and contribute to regional development. As Docotton Group maintains its leadership in the agricultural sector, it stands out as an exemplary enterprise with its focus on sustainability and social benefits. • Kyrgyzstan Factory • Azerbaijan Factory • Turkmenistan Factory • Tajikistan Factory • Sudan Factory • Turkey Factory